Home The Many Faces of Stuart II
Recall that at one month old, Stuart had many faces (see The Many Faces of Stuart).
Now, one year later, Stuart has even more faces!
Some of Stuart's faces are just acting. If you say "Sad Baby", he will make a pitiful face.
He invented Sad Baby, and other faces, to get Mommy and Daddy to do what he wants.
Let's see how many faces Stuart can make, while eating banana - all in less than five minutes!
Click the first face to get started!

DSCF8721 DSCF8722 DSCF8723 DSCF8724
DSCF8726 DSCF8727 DSCF8728 DSCF8731
DSCF8732 DSCF8734 DSCF8736 DSCF8737