Deb has given birth to a child, Stuart Anthony Britton. He’s fine and alert and so is Deb, and we’re home after about 48 hours in the hospital. The hospital staff said he is extraordinarily cute, and that no, they don’t just say that to everybody -  what they say about ugly babies is “you have a fine child”.
It was a tight race with two other couples to have the first baby of the year at Boulder Community Hospital. One dropped out early before midnight with a c-section. That left another couple - they were easily in the lead, but oops, they suffered a punishing 3 hour pushing phase compared to our admirable 40 minutes as Deb rallied all her remaining strength to emerge victorious. Unfortunately, two other area hospitals (Louisville and Longmont) had earlier babies, so the glare of publicity was diverted from little Stuart.



Here he is at about 2 hours.


I’ll post a gallery of photos on our web in the next few days.